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Response to Educational Leadership article “Lessons from Networking”  September 2007, p. 48-52.

The article explains that the responsibilities and duties of a teacher are “complex”.  Every teacher will agree that teaching is a difficult profession because of the demands and the concerns teachers have about expressing their thoughts of school reform but are not able to put these thoughts into action.  As the article states, the beginning for this sharing of ideas is through a network process because  “the collaboration and professional dialogue that most teachers experience is confined to their own schools, limited by their local context, and controlled by decision makers higher in the chain of command.” (p. 49)  The article continues to mention the power of networking with others in a state, region, or nation.  This truly is a method to transform educational concepts.  It is necessary to establish systems for exchanging ideas, a place were people have the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, or develop theories.  Unfortunately, the Teacher Leaders Network is comprised of  members by invitation, thus acting as the gatekeeper of information.  A role teachers are trying to shed.  

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Reaction to the article “Legacy Planning:  How Will You be Remembered?” from The School Administrator, December 2007, pp. 10-16.

What a great honor to serve as the Superintendent of a school district.  The legacy of a term is really the trail one has left behind that identifies your personal motivations and priorities.  Once the newness of the position is over, then planning, goal setting, and building relationships begin.  The community is an important factor to consider.  There are definite characteristics of a community and these transfer to expectations for the school district.  As a Superintendent, it is beneficial to evaluate those expectations and analyze how these will match the goals you have established.  As stated in the article, reflection is a necessary component of evaluation and continued adjustments.  An important legacy is to provide varied, appropriate opportunities for children to build their learning experiences.  My hope is that I leave a system that will adapt to the rapidly changing world.  There needs to be a place for each child to demonstrate their abilities and talents.   

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Funding education through grants – reaction to article.

Milner, Jacob.  Winter 2007  Are you Missing Out? Interactive Educator Vol.3 No.1:40-41.

Mr. Milner recognizes the abilities of Stan Levenson to secure funding for schools available through the grant writing process.  From the point of view of a small rural school, schools face problems with the criteria for grants, the lengthy writing process, and the specificity of the grant.  It is unfortunate for schools because grant awards could suppliment the budget.  Schools with limited funds are not able to support personnel to complete the current lengthy grant writing process with a hope of receiving grant funds.  If schools could submit a letter of interest for the funding  and the money divided by student population more schools would qualify and have the use off funds to support identified initiatives.